Emerald City Comicon Day 3

So we come to the last day.  We didn’t get quite as much done on Sunday, but what we did do was pretty great.  I’d have liked to get some more time down in the gaming area, maybe try out D&D Next, but you can’t do everything!

We started out the day in the showroom floor.  I know, it seems like we spent a lot of time there, but there really is so much stuff out there that no way will you be able to see everything no matter how long you stay and how hard you try.  In any case, we came by one display for a small outfit called Skullastic.  There owner operator was at the booth.  He produces rather unique school supplies, most with a geek theme.  One interesting thing they had was a “decomposition” notebook, which had a slightly zombie theme to the cover, and none of the line on the inside ran parallel, but rather went this way that!  He also produced custom notebooks at his booth, where you picked a cover from several options, picked what kind of paper you wanted (lined, framed, graph, comic book, blank, etc.), picked what color spirals you wanted, and finally picked which side to get the spirals bound on (so you could have a right or left handed notebook).  I bought one of these, and will post a picture in my next blog.  He gives a portion of his proceeds to schools, so everyone check out his website!   http://www.skullastic.com/

I also ended up caving and buying one of the Castle Grayskull dungeon kits I saw the other day.  I talked with the owner of working class villains a little bit more about what he does, and the different projects he’s working on.

Then we hustled our butts up to the main hall to see the Geek and Sundry Panel of Awesome.  It was really just an hour long question and answer session with Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton interspersed with amusing anecdotes and banter.  The play off each other very well exuding a kind of sibling-esque vibe, and it was a lot of fun.  The highlight was when one fan asked Felicia something rather inappropriate, and Wil, who was drinking from a water bottle spit his water out in shock, spraying Felicia!  Naturally, they talked a lot about Felicia’s youtube channel, Geek and Sundry, and about Wil’s show on the channel, Tabletop.  And of course they brought up Tabletop Day.  Wil also talked about some games he’d be playing on the next season of Tabletop (Star Trek Cattan, Once Upon a Time, and I THINK he said King of Tokyo?)

Next up, was Mr. Dirk Benedict, who played Starbuck in the original BSG, and Faceman in The A-Team.  They brought him onstage with a band playing the original A-Team theme!  His panel was very interesting.  He is certainly not your typical Hollywood figure, being very opinionated, and much more on the right side of the spectrum then the left.  Coming to Seattle of all places in that mindset is kinda ballsy if I do say so myself.  His moderators kept trying to interrupt him to ask him this or that, but he had so much to say they really should have just let him go.  (note to ECCC… Get some DECENT moderators next year, the ones this year either were just terrible at doing interviews, or wanted to make the interview more about them then the person they were interviewing!)  The audience had a very mixed reaction to him.  He was very entertaining, and everything he had to say really came from his heart, but some people around here have a hard time listening to opinions that differ from his own.  So a lot of the audience was really digging the funny and personal insight Mr. Benedict gave us, but others completely wrote him off, and I even heard some people not to far from us talking about what a jacka$$ Mr. Benedict was (personally I think it’s kindof jacka$$y to be openly having a conversation during his panel about how low your opinion of him is, but hey, that’s just me)

Finally we came to what many probably considered the crown jewel of the show, the Patrick Stewart panel!  He has not aged a SINGLE day!  Captain friggin Picard!  And he really plays to an audience well (I suppose years of Shakespearean performance will do that to you).  A few highlights, his favorite episode of TNG was The Inner Light, and in the episode his son was played by Stewart’s real life son.  When he auditioned he wore a toupee, that Paramount had emergency lifted to the US from London just for the audition.  When he was cast, his agent spent several hours making phone calls to different people in the US trying to give him the news.  Dune was “an accident that never should have happened” (though he did clarify he didn’t mean the movie was bad, but rather David Lynch had thought he was casting someone else), when he met Sting he didn’t know who he was, and in 6 months he starts filming on the new X-Men movie!  I wanted to ask a question, but so did everyone else in the auditorium, and I never got my chance.  It was still worth it though, and a very memorable way to end the con!

So that was my con experience this year.  Tomorrow I’ll put up some final thoughts and pictures.  Hopefully my recap has entertained you as much as the con entertained me, and here’s looking forward to next year’s con!