Review of The Avengers

It’s been a long time since i’ve written a movie review, and I know Avengers has been out for a week now, but still I felt like puttin up my thoughts.

I’m going to have to buck with popular opinion on this one.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still liked it, but it sure doesn’t top out the Marvel Movie Universe films for me.  I think it actually goes toward the bottom, above Iron Man 2, but below the rest (that’s right, I even place The Incredible Hulk above this).

Okay, let’s get the painful stuff out of the way first.  My biggest issue, and I admit that there’s not much that could be done as it’s pretty much the very nature of the film, is there are so many characters that none get explored very much, and the story is particularly flat.  It goes something like this, Bad guy (Loki) shows up with generic “plan” to conquer or something.  Bad a$$ (Nick Fury) forms team to stop bad guy.  The team can’t get along, and there squabbles enable Loki to….um…..further whatever it is he’s doing.  Then all hell breaks lose, but the team comes together to save the day.  That actually makes it sound even more complicated then it plays out!

The nature of the Marvel universe has always been one of flawed super heroes, and they make a go of it here.  Perhaps it’s an attempt at “drama” but the way it comes across is several caricatures that all have an issue of some sort, and they all try to “work them out”, I.E., an hour and a half of grown men (and a woman) bickering until the big showdown!  Also of note, the utterly BLAND music.  Terrible score!

Okay, now to the good stuff!  While the characters are underdeveloped, and the story is by nature shallow, all the actors come across fairly nicely.  If you’ve seen the other Marvel Movie Universe films, the characters work for the most part.  While they are undeveloped in this movie IF you’ve watched the others, they work just fine.  Even Scarlett Johanson is okay acting wise here, and I usually don’t care for her (HATED her in Iron Man 2).  I think the director probably gets credit there for pulling good performances all around.  On special note is Bruce Banner/The Hulk.  He comes across as the only actual “character” in the film as opposed to a caricature.  They really cracked the Hulk, which 2 films down already shows him to be a hard character to figure out.  The action, expertly done.  You can actually tell what’s going on.  Great special effects, and good dialogue.  Seriously, Joss Whedon was born to write dialogue, and his skills shine through on that one!  The film also has something lacking in a lot of movies these days, fun!  So many films are so dower these days, and a sense of fun is a real breath of fresh air!

So, final score, 3.5 out of 5 stars!

On a side note, here is how I rate the Marvel Universe films from best to worst.


Iron Man

Captain America

The Incredible Hulk

The Avengers

Iron Man 2 (a long way below the rest)